Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Investigative Article: The Legal Battle of Cheyenne Benthin Against Gilbert Police


Cheyenne Benthin, a mother from Gilbert, is fighting for justice after her toddler tragically passed away due to natural causes. Despite the medical examiner's findings, the investigation remains open, and Benthin is courageously standing up against the Gilbert Police Department to seek answers. This article will delve into the details of the case and explore the legal battle between Benthin and the police department.


Losing a child is a parent's worst nightmare, and no one can ever heal the wound left behind by such a loss. In Cheyenne Benthin's case, the loss of her toddler was only the beginning of her ordeal. The open investigation into her child's death and the constant lack of answers left her in a state of distress. However, despite the immense emotional turmoil, she did not give up on seeking answers, leading to a legal battle against the Gilbert Police Department.

The Background

The incident involving Cheyenne Benthin's toddler took place almost two years ago when the child passed away in July 2022. The medical examiner's report indicated that the cause of death was due to natural causes. However, the Gilbert Police Department did not close the case, and the investigation remains open to this day. Further, the actions of the police department during their investigation have been questionable, causing confusion and distress for Benthin.

The Legal Battle

Cheyenne Benthin hired an attorney that filed a civil suit against the Gilbert Police Department. The lawsuit accused the police department of violating Benthin's civil rights and perpetrating emotional distress upon her. According to the lawsuit, the police department was not forthcoming with information that could have helped Benthin understand the situation better. The lawsuit also accused the police department of conducting an investigation that was non-standard and not in adherence to standard police practices. Information such as the identity of the initial 911 caller and witness statements are missing from police records, leading to suspicion of inadequate investigations. Further, the police department did not keep Benthin informed about the case's progress, which only added to her distress.

The Community's Response

The case has attracted a lot of attention from the community, and various groups and individuals have come out in support of Benthin. The public interest in the case has been because of the police department's alleged mismanagement and improper handling of the investigation. As a result, several protests and demonstrations have taken place, demanding justice for Benthin and her young child. The community hopes to hold the Gilbert Police Department accountable for its actions and provide closure for Benthin and her family.

The Significance

This legal battle highlights the imbalance of power between the state and the citizens. It is the responsibility of law enforcement authorities to protect the people's rights, but communities often feel unheard and marginalized when authorities don't reasonably fulfill their obligations. Communities can also feel targeted and subjected to different standards of treatment when incidents involving law enforcement occur. In Cheyenne Benthin's case, it is evident that the police department failed to provide her with adequate support and information, leading to a legal battle that brought attention to the police department's actions.

The Conclusion

Cheyenne Benthin's story is a testament to the strength and resilience of a mother's love and her unending quest for justice for her child. It amplifies the need for law enforcement authorities to adhere to standard procedures and provide the appropriate support and information to individuals facing traumatic incidents. A more transparent and equitable process will help build public trust and ensure that communities' voices are heard and accounted for. Legal Battle, Gilbert