Sunday, September 3, 2023

Opinion Article: This article will present the writer's opinion on the severity of getting a DUI charge while in the military, and the potential consequences that could follow. Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can have long-lasting and significant implications, particularly when it comes to individuals serving in the military. For those who have willingly put their lives on the line to protect their country, a DUI can have even greater repercussions. In this opinion article, we will explore the reasons why getting a DUI while in the military is a serious offense and the potential consequences that a military member could face.

Why Is Getting a DUI in the Military Such a Serious Offense?

When someone joins the military, they are not only committing to serve their country, but they are also upholding a set of strict rules and regulations. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) governs all military members, and violating any of its provisions can result in disciplinary action. One of the provisions set forth by the UCMJ prohibits military members from engaging in any activity that could bring discredit upon the military. Driving under the influence is considered such an offense. Not only does it bring discredit upon the military, but it also puts the safety of others at risk.

What Are the Potential Consequences of Getting a DUI While in the Military?

The consequences of getting a DUI in the military can be severe and life-changing. The first line of discipline will come from the military's internal justice system, which will be followed by any subsequent criminal proceedings. Some of the potential consequences of a DUI charge are: 1. Loss of Rank: A military member who gets a DUI charge may face disciplinary action, which could result in the loss of rank. This could mean that the military member could lose their position, pay grade, and authority. 2. Career Damage: A DUI conviction can cause long-term damage to a military member's career prospects. It could affect future promotions, leadership opportunities, and even their ability to remain in the military. 3. Jail Time: Depending on the state's laws and the seriousness of the offense, military members who get a DUI charge could face jail time. 4. Fine: In addition to jail time, military members could also face financial penalties, such as fines, that could have a significant impact on their quality of life. 5. License Suspension: A DUI conviction could also result in a suspension of the military member's driver's license, which could make it difficult for them to fulfill their duties.

What Should Military Members Do If They Face a DUI Charge?

If a military member is faced with a DUI charge, they should immediately seek the assistance of a qualified DUI defense attorney. The attorney can help the military member navigate the military justice system and protect their rights. It is also essential for the military member to be upfront and honest about the charges they are facing, as lying or attempting to cover up the incident could result in even more severe consequences.

What Can Be Done to Prevent DUI Offenses in the Military?

To prevent DUI offenses in the military, there must be a concerted effort to educate military members about the dangers and consequences of DUI. This could include mandatory training sessions, informational materials, and a more significant emphasis on responsible behavior. Military leaders and commanders can also play a role in prevention by setting a positive example and enforcing strict rules and regulations.


Driving under the influence is not only a severe offense in civilian life but an even more significant threat to military personnel. The consequences of getting a DUI while serving in the military can be severe and life-changing, including the loss of rank, career damage, jail time, financial penalties, and license suspension. Therefore, it is essential for military members to understand the seriousness of the charge and seek immediate assistance from a qualified DUI defense attorney. By taking proactive steps towards prevention and education, military leaders can also play a crucial role in preventing DUI offenses in the future.